Do You Need a Dental Implant Restoration?

By Elmer A. Villalon, DMD
February 13, 2020
Category: Dental Health

Dr. Elmer Villalon performs many cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. He also is a pain management expert, helping hundreds of patients optimize oral health and well-being. In his Pueblo, CO, office, this caring dentist performs innovative dental implant restorations which complete and strengthen smiles and faithfully imitate natural biting and chewing.

What is a dental implant restoration?

A dental implant restoration is a porcelain crown. It is the final step in an implant procedure in which an oral surgeon has installed a titanium screw below the gums in the jaw. Over several weeks to months, the titanium implant and bone bond together through osseointegration. Once complete, osseointegration firmly anchors the implant and a metal abutment post which extends through the gums.

Your dentist adds the post and a porcelain crown through a simple procedure at his Pueblo, CO, office. This final step is often called "dental implant restoration."

Multiple implants may be placed to accommodate a fixed bridge or even full denture. Dr. Villalon will help you determine what prosthetic would suit your bone structure and overall oral health.

Why are dental implants preferable to other tooth replacements?

Dental implants are actual artificial teeth from root to crown. Most implants are termed endosteal, meaning they reside right in the jaw. Once fused and restored, these devices improve jaw bone quality the same way real tooth roots do. Biting and chewing exercise the bone, avoiding the destructive recession which happens after tooth loss.

Additionally, dental implants stay in place. Only your dentist can remove them, but he won't need to because most implant procedures succeed. The devices are retained for decades, says the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness (IDIA).

What makes you a good candidate for implants?

Several factors determine candidacy:

  1. Overall health
  2. Good oral hygiene habits (you faithfully brush, floss, and get six-month cleanings and exams with your dentist)
  3. Sufficient bone in the jaw
  4. Healthy gum tissue

Oral examination and special three-dimensional X-rays (cone-beam imaging) will tell you for sure if this dental marvel is your best choice for stable, long-lasting tooth replacement.

Consult with your dentist in Pueblo, CO

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