How Can I End My Chronic Headaches?

By Elmer A. Villalon, DDS
January 13, 2017
Category: Dental Health
Tags: headaches  

Do you suffer from chronic headache pain? Although nearly everyone gets a headache occasionally, frequent headaches can interfere headacheswith both your personal and social life. Dr. Elmer Villalon, your Pueblo, CO dentist, shares information about chronic headaches and explains what you can do to relieve them.

What are chronic headaches?

Chronic headaches occur 15 or more days per month. Common types of chronic headaches include:

  • Muscle Tension: Tension headaches are often called "hat band" headaches because these headaches cause dull pain and tightness that wraps around your head from your forehead to the back of your head, just like a hat band. The headaches occur when your scalp and neck muscles tighten due to stress, anxiety, hunger, lack of sleep or poor posture.
  • Migraines: Migraine headaches cause hours or days of intense pain and may also increase your sensitivity to light and sound. They're often triggered by hormonal fluctuations on women, caffeine, tobacco, weather changes, medications, food additives or bright lights.
  • Cluster Headaches: If you suffer from cluster headaches, you may experience multiple headaches in one day. The headaches are characterized by excruciating pain on side of your head. Cluster headaches are more common in the spring and fall, but can occur chronically in some people.
  • Dental Headaches: Problems with your bite can strain the muscles in your face and head, causing chronic headaches. Bite issues can occur if your teeth aren't aligned properly or you have lost a tooth.

How can I relieve the pain of chronic headaches?

Over-the-counter pain relievers, massage, ice packs and even lifestyle changes can be helpful in relieving headache pain. When these measures don't work, medications can be prescribed to ease muscle tension and reduce the symptoms of migraines and cluster headaches. If your chronic headaches are caused by bite problems, your Pueblo dentist can offer a variety of treatments to improve your condition, including braces or dental bridges.

There is hope for your chronic headaches! Call Dr. Villalon, your Pueblo, CO dentist, at (719) 542-7844 to schedule an appointment. Headache pain doesn't have to slow you down.