Treating Your Sleep Apnea

By Elmer A. Villalon, DDS
January 30, 2017
Category: Dental Health
Tags: Sleep Apnea  

When it comes to sleep apnea, there are many treatment options available for patients. Working with Dr. Elmer Villalon, a sleep apnea sleep apneaspecialist in Pueblo, CO, can help you to treat your symptoms. The goal of sleep apnea treatment is to restore the ability to breathe easily during sleep as well as to relieve any symptoms associated with snoring or daytime fatigue. Treating sleep apnea also helps reduce risks such as diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure that sleep apnea patients face.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Types

When you’re treating sleep apnea in Pueblo you will want the help of Dr. Villalon. For some patients, lifestyle changes are enough to ease some of their symptoms. Things such as sleeping position, limiting sleep medications and alcohol and losing weight all have seen success in sleep apnea patients. Nasal sprays and allergy medicines also help to keep the airways more open during sleep too.

Your sleep apnea specialist in Pueblo can also offer oral appliances as a treatment method for sleep apnea. These dental appliances relieve the closed air passageways that trigger sleep apnea symptoms. This device is worn in the mouth and controls the position of both the tongue and the lower jaw. This helps keep the throat more open during sleep and limits sleep apnea symptoms overall. These custom-fitted appliances can be made by a professional such as Dr. Villalon. This device can even be adjusted over time if a patient feels discomfort or isn’t seeing the results they were hoping for.

Seek Sleep Apnea Treatment Help in Pueblo Today

Dr. Villalon is well versed in treating sleep apnea patients. With a variety of treatment methods available, patients can be assured that their symptoms will be reduced or eliminated with his help. To schedule a consultation to discuss what sleep apnea treatment can do for you, call (719) 542-7844.