Treatment Options For TMJ

By Elmer A. Villalon, DDS
November 10, 2016
Category: Dental Health
Tags: tmj   jaw pain  

If you have TMJ, you know that its symptoms - jaw pain and locking, headaches, difficulty chewing and talking - can affect your entire life. tmjThat's why Dr. Elmer Villalon, your dentist in Pueblo, Colorado, has committed himself to learning the causes and treatments associated with this common joint disorder. Here he discusses the various treatments that are used to manage TMJ's symptoms and provide relief to his patients.


Your Pueblo TMJ specialist may start treatment by prescribing an appropriate dosage of an analgesic or muscle relaxer to help manage your symptoms. In some cases, certain antidepressants and muscular injections may be helpful; Dr. Villalon will be able to determine the best course of action for your condition. It may take some time before the right medication is prescribed, patience and open-mindedness are important during this process.


Occlusal appliances, also called mouth splints or guards, can be designed for you to wear over your teeth. When worn properly, these devices can help change the way your jaw rests over time, providing necessary relief from TMJ. Physical therapy - jaw strengthening exercises and a combination of heat and ice application - can also be helpful. If your TMJ is exacerbated by stress, talking with a counselor about stress relief methods can help you learn your triggers and how to avoid or manage them better.


If more conservative methods of treating TMJ don't produce satisfactory results, your Pueblo, CO, dentist may recommend surgery. The procedures used for TMJ include irrigation, repair or replacement of the affected jaw joint. The risks and benefits of surgical treatment will be carefully reviewed by Dr. Villalon before decisions are made.

If you'd like to learn more about Dr. Elmer Villalon's TMJ treatments, we encourage you to contact us in Pueblo, Colorado, to set up an evaluation, providing you with information and appropriate treatment is our ultimate goal!