Dental Staff

Dr. Villalon your well known Dentist in Pueblo, CO


Dr. Villalon's staff believes and works to achieve the 5 A's of a well-run healthcare facility. The 5 A's of your experience with Dr. Villalon's office are; accommodating, amicable (friendly), affable (like-able), accessible, and Affordable. Doing our best to make your experience pleasant and memorable.

Our caring and friendly staff is committed to assuring that your experience with us is, once again, as accommodating and  as pleasant as possible. 

You will find our reception area is warm and inviting. There you will find various up-to-date reading selections. Enjoy your wait while reading from various genres.The most popular reading selections are those of modern culture, which include four different cuisine magazines.

You will find our treatment rooms as  clean, inviting and professional done with unique décor including cityscape artwork from various cities such as New York, Paris, Venice, Barcelona and Madrid. Also remember that prior to your treatment we are always willing to answer any questions you may have regarding your procedure(s).

Elmer A. Villalon, DMD

Your Prominent Dentist in Pueblo, CO